Some Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend off the Furniture

Homemade dog treats

It is amazing how much trouble a dog can get into in a short period of time! But dogs remain some of our closest companions. Cats are great too, of course, but sometimes lack the friendship and warmth a relationship between a human and a dog can provide. Many dogs love jumping up on furniture no matter how much you tell them not to. What are some ways you can deal with this?

One suggestion is to have a spray bottle of water, and give your pet a spritz anytime they jump up. Sometimes this works better with cats than with dogs, but some animals respond well to this harmless method. After a while, your pet will simply respond to seeing the spray bottle held up, and before long they will remember that sitting on the nice family furniture has a negative association.

Another way to prevent pet jump up is to put sticky tape material on the spot your animal likes to jump up on, if there is a particular chair they enjoy cuddling and scratching up. Make sure this is mild, pet friendly stick material, however! You do not want your animal getting stuck, you just want them to remember the discomfort.

Those are examples of negative reinforcement, but positive reinforcement often has great results as well. Using dog biscuits to teach your dog to stay away from furniture is one way to make everyone happy with the end result. Consider buying homemade dog biscuits for a special and healthy treat. Buying homemade dog biscuits also tends to support local businesses. What I like about homemade dog biscuits is that they often come in interesting, exotic flavors your dog would not get from normal dog treats.

And, of course, there is one solution that many people might not consider, but in the end, it might save you a whole lot of headaches and you will not have to spend time training your dog. Just let them hang out on your mattress, couch or chair and keep you company. Sooner or later your furniture is going to show wear and tear anyway, and it takes only a minute or two to clean unwanted hair up when you have guests. And no worries, you can still give your dog some homemade dog treats! There is nothing a dog likes better than homemade dog biscuits, other than your companionship, of course!

Three Pet Health Issues To Watch Out For

Dog health

If you are a pet owner, then there could be pet health issues that you should keep an eye out for. Dog health is relatively easy to monitor, as dogs are very social animals that will change their mood and behavior if they are feeling ill. The first signs of a dog health issue would be that there is a change in how they react, whether or not they eat, their energy level, and other signs. Dog health issues can be related to many different causes, including diets, illness from bacteria or virus, physical injury, and more. It is always a good idea to double check any pet health issues that you notice with a vet so that you can confirm whether or not the issue is a serious one, but if you do not have the time or access to a vet, checking online sources for health issues may be a good idea.

The health issues dogs experience can be related to diet, and this should always be considered in the event that the dog experiences gastrointestinal distress or a lack of appetite. Viruses that can enter the system through fecal contamination are a constant area of concern for dog owners, as dogs have no concept of hygiene and will lick or eat any object that interests them. Gastrointestinal pet health issues can sometimes be remedied through over the counter medication that you can purchase from a pet store. Some of the medicine that you can purchase from the shelf will be targeted at specific problems, such as stomach worm medication, and others may be aimed at vitamin deficiency. Again, checking with a vet about pet health issues that concern you is the best way to figure out which course of action will be the most effective.

Another type of health issue that dog owners should keep an eye out for are those relevant to the breed of the dog. Certain breeds of bulldog, shitzu, and pug may develop infections in the folds of their faces, for example, if they are not properly cleaned. Other, larger dog breeds can experience hip and leg problems later in life, or sometimes as early as when they are a year old. Be sure to check any pet health issues that you find with a vet so that you know what the next course of action should be.

Looking for a Veterninarian in Baltimore, Maryland?

Animal hospitals in baltimore md

The health and well being of everyone’s pet is extremely important to them, so everyone who owns a pet needs a vet. If you are looking for a veterinarian baltimore md, there are many resources on the web that can help you find the quality care that your furry little friend needs. It is a big city, so there are many animal hospitals in baltimore md to choose from.

If you are new to the area or pet ownership or are just considering a new healthcare provider for your pet, you will have plenty of vets in baltimore at your disposal. Like any other service or service provider, some are better than others, but without some outside help, it can take forever to find the one that works best for you. When choosing a veterinarian Baltimore, there are a lot of factors that inform your decision. Cost, quality of care, personality, and location are just a few of the many things that you will use to decide which veterinarian Baltimore is right for you. Thankfully, the web has collected a lot of information from customers everywhere about just about every service imaginable, so you can easily find businesses and reviews and comments on them from the convenience of your desk. Without the many resources at your disposal on the internet, it can take weeks or months to sort through all the veterinarians available.

When you are looking for a veterinarian Baltimore, there are several resources on the internet that can provide you with decent information about prospective vets. Sites that collect business information and reviews when used together can give you an overall picture of a vet’s reliability and pricing. It is worth taking the extra time to find the vet that works best for you and will provide the best care for you pet.

Facts About Dogs and Pets

Pet tags

Did you know that dogs know their owner by scent, even if the owners scent to him or herself has changed, such as after showers or after going to the gym?

Pets are parts of their owners families to 90 percent of pet owners. They celebrate holidays with them, with twenty seven percent of pet owners taking their pets to get pictures taken with santa, the easter bunny, or another animal. Many families get their dogs Christmas presents. In fact, Americans spend about 5 billion dollars every Christmas on their pets. A good gift to get your pet, if they do not have them already, are dog tags for dogs. Dog tags for dogs, or cat tags, or pet ID tags for any other sort of pet, help identify the pet as your own, and as part of your family, as well as making their collar more stylish.

Dog ID tags are perfectly customizable. Dog tags for pets can be found online, or in pet stores. Many pet stores even have machines that will engrave your pet tags right in the store. It has different shapes and sizes of dog tags for dogs, along with different colors. If you buy dog tags for dogs elsewhere, they can still be engraved and personalized, but there are also more fun options for designs. Having dog tags for dogs also ensures your animal will get back to you if it is lost. This is incredibly important if you live in an area with other un spayed or neutered pets. Dog families can grow fast with litters of puppies, and dog tags for dogs can ensure your dog is returned to you before she becomes pregnant. You also diminish the risk that your dog will be taken to the pound if she runs away and is found if you buy dog tags for dogs.

Common Health Issues Dogs

Health issues dogs

Dogs are prone to a lot of different dog health issues, many of which depend upon their age, surroundings and breed. For instance, puppies are at the most risk for contracting parvovirus, which is one of the most highly contagious and deadly pet health issues known to man. On the other hand, large dogs such as the St. Bernard are mainly prone to developing cancerous tumors in their tails and thighs. There are also a lot of health issues dogs develop that if they’re not caught soon enough will become incurable. Some of these health issues dogs include:
1. Cancer can be just as devastating to your dog as it can be for a human. Fortunately, therapeutic treatments do exist depending upon the type of cancer your dog has.
2. Cushing’s disease is one of those health issues dogs mainly get whenever they get older. It occurs whenever a dog produces too many hormones. Signs and symptoms include an increased amount of dry, infected skin with hard lumps beneath it and an overall thinning of the skin. There are numerous tests that a veterinarian can do in order to accurately diagnose this disease. For instance an Xray will show exactly where the tumor lies. If it’s on the adrenal gland, it can be removed and your dog will make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case and chemotherapy along with a change in your dog’s diet may be necessary.
3. Arthritis is one of those health issues dogs have that’s similar to humans. One in five adult dogs will be affected due to things like obesity, poor nutrition, injury and genetic factors. Symptoms typically include whimpering when walking, running or trying to go up or down stairs if they’ll move in these ways at all. A healthy diet, exercise and anti inflammatory therapeutic treatments are typically used as treatment.