Common Health Issues Dogs

Health issues dogs

Dogs are prone to a lot of different dog health issues, many of which depend upon their age, surroundings and breed. For instance, puppies are at the most risk for contracting parvovirus, which is one of the most highly contagious and deadly pet health issues known to man. On the other hand, large dogs such as the St. Bernard are mainly prone to developing cancerous tumors in their tails and thighs. There are also a lot of health issues dogs develop that if they’re not caught soon enough will become incurable. Some of these health issues dogs include:
1. Cancer can be just as devastating to your dog as it can be for a human. Fortunately, therapeutic treatments do exist depending upon the type of cancer your dog has.
2. Cushing’s disease is one of those health issues dogs mainly get whenever they get older. It occurs whenever a dog produces too many hormones. Signs and symptoms include an increased amount of dry, infected skin with hard lumps beneath it and an overall thinning of the skin. There are numerous tests that a veterinarian can do in order to accurately diagnose this disease. For instance an Xray will show exactly where the tumor lies. If it’s on the adrenal gland, it can be removed and your dog will make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case and chemotherapy along with a change in your dog’s diet may be necessary.
3. Arthritis is one of those health issues dogs have that’s similar to humans. One in five adult dogs will be affected due to things like obesity, poor nutrition, injury and genetic factors. Symptoms typically include whimpering when walking, running or trying to go up or down stairs if they’ll move in these ways at all. A healthy diet, exercise and anti inflammatory therapeutic treatments are typically used as treatment.