Be Prepared for Any Medical Emergency With Dogs

Dog health issue

There are plenty of health issues dogs can face throughout their lives. Some dog health issues are breed specific, while others can affect any dog as they get on in years. It is best, before you make the big decision to adopt a dog, to do your reading and your research ahead of time. Know what responsibilities you will have and what you can expect when it comes to future pet health issues.

Take it from someone who did not do as much research as he should have. Just under a year ago, I adopted a lovely white pitbull-terrier mix. She was just over a year old at the time, and the pinnacle of healthy. Boy, was I surprised to find out the variety of pet health issues that a pitbull can have.

1. Sensitive Stomach

My little pooch cannot eat any old food. No, she gets lethargic, refuses to eat, and makes messes all about the house unless she eats a specific type of food. Not only that, but if I drop something while cooking, I have to quickly scoop it up before she nabs it, because it will end in disaster. What is the point of a dog, then?!

2. Allergies

She has incredibly short hair, as such, you can see her pink skin underneath. This is cute and fine. Except her skin does not have that barrier that most dogs with long hair possess. I need to buy a special, organic, perfume and dye free shampoo so that her skin does not react negatively to it.

3. Furuncles

A furuncle is basically just a hair, or a foreign body, that has worked its way into the skin and is causing irritation. Surprise, my dog is prone to these. Because her hair is so short and coarse, not only is it easier for foreign objects to get in between her toes, but the hair itself is more likely to get poked in there.

I could go on about her torn shoulder muscle and the leash aggression, among a handful of other things, but I will spare you the sob story. And I do not want to cry again. Just learn your lesson from my experiences. Before you commit, know what you are getting into, and what to expect with your pup’s health.