Pet Therapy Products for Injuries and Illnesses Affecting Necks and Other Joints

Because most American households have at least one pet, there is a great need for pet care and health treatment. Some of these issues can be arthritis and dysplasia, especially in dogs. These can also occur in horses, that often weigh up to 2,300 pounds. Therefore therapy products for necks, knees, legs, and all joints are important for any of our pets.

Pet Therapy Products for Necks

With horses being ridden so often, by about seven million people each year, there is much to consider in the strain that is placed on them. A number of different products are available to help with the treatment of injuries that are acquired by horses, whether they are grazing horses or riding horses. Support is needed in many ways for horses, including the saddles and the stress placed on their knees and other joints while riding. Therapeutic care all over their bodies is helpful, including products like the following:

  • Horse covers
  • Horse fleece blankets
  • Horse nec (more…)