Therapeutic Products for Dogs and Horses

A number of animals have formed a close relationship with humanity, and many species have become domesticated for a number of reasons. Some, such as cows, are used for many goods from their milk to meat and leather, and many other livestock species may be found such as chickens and pigs. Meanwhile, other animals are valued for their labor, and dogs and horses are common animals for work, both past and present. Before the Industrial Revolution, dogs and horses performed a lot of manual labor alongside people, when horses and oxen plowed fields and pulled carts. Horses were also used for everyday transport and also war mounts. Today, much of this animal labor has been mechanized, and no one uses horse or ox-driven plows or rides horses into battle. But horses and dogs are still valued animals, and horses are popular for racing, leisurely riding, and hobby breeding. Dogs, meanwhile, are valued pets and companions and even still perform their time-honored jobs of herding assistance and hun (more…)