Getting an Emotional Support Animal

Mental illness is sometimes underestimated across the United States in terms of both severity and frequency. Anyone can see a broken arm in a cast, but a mental problem may often be invisible, especially if the victim intentionally hides it or if the condition is widely misunderstood. Someone suffering from phobias, anxiety, depression, or other problems still has plenty of options, however. In recent years, mental illnesses have been gaining more recognition, and this includes not only therapists and counselors, but also non-human support. an emotional support animal, sometimes called an ESA, can provide companionship and stress relief for a patient, once they complete their paperwork. An ESA application and ESA pet training may be needed, especially if a landlord or other area normally does not permit pets such as dogs or cats. The question may be: how to qualify for an emotional support animal? The benefits of certification for (more…)