Dog Grass is a Great Way to Protect Your Lawn From Your Pooch

Dogs are humanity’s best friend but unfortunately, your pets can be hard on your lawn. If you own dogs, you may have noticed some discolored spots where your dog frequently urinates. Their urine can affect the grass and even kill it. Fortunately, you can set up a special area in your yard for your dog to use as a bathroom.

The trick is to swap out grass for something that can cope with dog urine.

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One option is wood mulch which can not only absorb the urine but also any smells. Over time, however, the wood mulch itself will get rather smelly.

You can also rubber mulch, which won’t absorb the urine or its smell. However, this mulch is very light and prone to blowing away under harsh winds. Another popular option is synthetic grass, which can easily withstand dog urine. That said, the synthetic grass patch will stick out a lot compared to your regular grass, especially in the winter.

Perhaps the dog grass choice best choice is pea gravel. This gravel won’t absorb urine and instead will let it seep into the ground. This means that smells typically don’t linger. Further, pea gravel lasts a long time, is easy to lay down, and not likely to get blown away.