Pet Memorial Stones

Animal headstones

It is a funny thing about humans and their health. In fact, you can overcome certain health conditions when you are a pet owner. One interesting fact about owning pets is that if you have a heart attack you may be in the 28 percentile that will survive it. People who don’t own pets don’t survive to the tune of out of every ten people who have a heart attack. There is just something about owning a pet that makes people survive such problems. Perhaps it is because they feel they need to stay around to take care of their pets. People love their pets and treat them like family. That is why a lot of pet owners buy pet memorial stones when a beloved pet dies before their owner.

Did you know that the American Health Association and the Centers for Disease Control both did studies with concluding results showing that pet owners enjoy lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and less feelings of loneliness? That makes buying pet memorial stones understandable. Who wouldn’t feel the loss of someone they loved? A pet can be a great friend for many years and some people even say they feel closer to their pets that to humans so they pet memorial stones when they lose their pet.

Animal memorials, memorial stones for pets, pet markers and pet stones are very popular these days. When a beloved pet passes away, pet owners want to do something to honor them and buying pet memorial stones is one way to do that. People even have burial ceremonies for their pets and place pet memorial stones on their graves. Also, did you know that a million dogs have been put in as the primary beneficiary in will in the United States to date?

Besides buying pet memorial stones, pet owners also like to have their pictures taken with their pets. In fact, 27 percent of the people who own pets get their picture taken by professional, such as with Santa Clause, the Easter bunny and themselves. Even though your dog or cat doesn’t know it is Christmas, you are more likely than not to buy your pet a Christmas present. At least half of all cat and dog owners do. It just makes sense to go ahead and buy pet memorial stones too. You can find pet memorial stones for sale on the internet. Some are fancy engraved stones that you can custom order.