Top 5 Reasons to Exercise Your Dog

Dog park equipment

America is a dog country. People everywhere love their dogs. They want the best for them and are more than willing to spend money on them. Everything is available for dogs. Dogs can have clothes and toys. There’s doggy playgrounds, dog course obstacles, and dog exercise equipment. A tired dog is a happy dog and a happy dog can lead to a happy household. Here are some tips for making your dog tired.

1. Get a friend. Dogs are present in up to 47% of American households. Odds are pretty good that you know someone with a dog. If your dog is good with others, arrange a play date with a neighbor or friend. This will help tire the dogs out and keep them social. While they are playing you can get some work done, or just sit and relax without your dog right under your feet.

2. Visit a dog park. Dog parks can be found in nearly every major city, according to a 2016 Trust for Public Lands report. That means dog parks are easy to get to. They can be a great way to burn off some of that extra energy. Whether on-leash or off, dog parks give dogs a chance to explore and meet others. It almost guarantees a tired dog at the end of the day.

3. Start as a puppy. Breeders recommend that puppies get a maximum of 5 minutes of exercise daily for each month of age. A four month old puppy should get 20 minutes maximum of exercise per day. Too much exercise and your dog may develop a high level of energy. It’s cute when they are puppies, but less cute as they get older and bigger. Too little exercise and your dog may act out or put on unnecessary weight. As a puppy, stick to the 5 minute per month of age rule.

4. Young dogs are more active than older dogs. Dogs are the most active between 1.5 years old and 4 years old. Their energy requirements are large and they need interesting activities, like doggy playgrounds, to help tire them out.

5. Gender matters. Female dogs are up to 15% more active than male dogs. They have to be to keep the male dogs in line. But that may mean that your female dog requires extra walking or playing that your male dog does not need.

America loves dogs. Doggy playgrounds and dog training obstacles are everywhere. Anything to make those dogs tired and spend more time with your furry companions. Outdoor dog play equipment and dog park products help to tire the dogs out and socialize them. Tired dogs are happy dogs and tired dogs are dogs that are not chewing up your furniture. Consider a visit to a doggy playground to make your dog nice and tired today.