What You Didnt Know About Pet Spaying

Spaying is the surgical removal of a female dog’s uterus and ovaries. It is primarily used to keep your dog from reproducing and entering a heat cycle. A YouTube video titled “Dog Spay Risks and Benefits” posted by Everyday Vet explains why you should consider pet spaying.

When a dog becomes pregnant, the video indicates that some may require a cesarean section to deliver the puppies.

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It may predispose it to pyometra, necessitating the removal of the uterus while endangering its abdomen. Second, spaying your dog prior to the first heat cycle decreases your dog’s risk of developing mammary cancer. The initial heat cycle lasts six months.

There may be instances of exposure to urinary incontinence as a result of hormone loss following ovary removal. This, however, is treatable. Finally, statistics show that joint disorders are more prevalent in dogs spayed prior to six months of age than in dogs spayed after six months of age.

Regardless of when you spay your dog, there are consequences. Depending on the breed of your dog, you may wish to consult a veterinarian before spaying your dog.