5 Things Only Legit GoldenDoodle Lovers Understand

There are three crossbreeds for poodle dogs: Goldendoodles, Irish Doodles, and Bichondoodles. Goldendoodle hybrids have not been around for long, but they are among the most popular designer dogs. They are the top friendly pets you can get for your child or family. Poodle puppies are goofy, fun, bubbly, and can soften any dog lover’s heart in seconds.

If you are new to the dog world, you must be wondering what the flimflam about hybrid poodles is. Worry no more! By the end of this post, you will be wondering why you don’t own one. Goldendoodles give you the best traits from golden retrievers and poodles. So, you will have a fuzzy, playful, and smart puppy.

Why are dog owners so infatuated with Goldendoodles?

Before you visit your local golden doodle breeders or search for adult doodles for sale or adoption, enjoy these facts about the one-of-a-kind canine.

1. They Come in Different Sizes

Are you frenzied on large dogs, or maybe medium or small cuddly ones? Whatever your preference is, you can rest assured you will get the size you want. If your poodle breeder crosses it with a large golden retriever, you will get a large GoldenDoodle, and vice versa. At maturity, a standard hybrid weighs 30-45pounds, but your breeder can use a mini poodle for miniature hybrids weighing at least 15pounds.

2. They Are So Human-Like

The purpose of having a pet is for the TLC. Even though their temperament is from two different breeds, they are full of love and warmth. All doodles for sale are playful, energetic, human-like, and cheerful. That is why they make a great pet choice for kids. Because they take nearly three years to mature from puppies, they remain zany for a while.

3. They Have Immaculate Coats

Goldendoodles get their beautiful coats from the breeding golden retriever. Usually, the puppy will have a coat ranging from black to impeccable golden colors. Depending on the breeds, the coat can be wavy, feathery, or a mix of the two. Most Goldendoodles don’t shed, but for those that do, a constant grooming routine is vital.

4. They Are an Intelligent Hybrid

Doodle breeders will probably tell you that this hybrid is very intelligent because they are a cross of smart breeds. You will notice how easy it is to train them and how excited they get when playing and learning new tricks. Retrievers are the bouncy type, but poodles have a remarkable memory and problem-solving behavior. You can teach a Goldendoodle just about any trick!

5. They Are Versatile

Lastly, Goldendoodles are versatile dogs. Since they are from two top breeds, they are above average. They are spirited, intellectual, healthy, athletic, and have a kind nature. Doodle breeders in Georgia recommend light exercises (half an hour long) to keep Goldendoodles in great physical shape. They make great guard dogs, guide dogs, companion dogs, and home pets. To get the best version of your Goldendoodle, train it while still young.

Golden Doodles for Sale in TN

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