Myths and Facts About Individual and Communal Pet Cremation

Pets enrich everyone’s lives in more ways than anyone can quantify. For many pet owners, their animals become beloved family members. But whether anyone likes it or not, the animals most often kept as pets have relatively short lifespans. Part of the experience of pet ownership is letting them go too soon.

When a pet dies, owners often aren’t sure what to do next.

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After a human dies, funeral homes typically walk their loved ones through their next steps. But after a pet dies, many owners are left to figure out what to do on their own. Sometimes their vet can help them find resources, like pet cremation services.

Pet cremation honors the pet as part of the family and helps pet owners feel like they gave their pet the respect they deserved in death. Pet cremation services offer individual cremations for owners who want to keep their pet’s ashes in an urn at home. Some services also offer communal pet cremations where the ashes of multiple pets are spread across a designated area after cremation.

Both individual and communal pet cremations treat all deceased pets with the right amount of respect and dignity.