Finding the Best Goldendoodle Breeder

goldendoodle breeder

Goldendoodles are a popular designer dog breed, created by crossing a golden retriever with a standard poodle. Learn how to find a good goldendoodle breeder with Amy on the popular YouTube channel Dreamflight6000.

A good goldendoodle breeder will let you come visit the breeder’s property to see how the dogs live and to meet the parents of your prospective puppy.

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These dogs should be healthy and happy.

Good goldendoodle breeders will ask you as many, if not more, questions about you as you will ask the breeder. Good breeders want to know about your lifestyle and home to see if you are a good match for a goldendoodle puppy. They will want to know if the puppy is going to have a good home.

A reputable breeder will tell you who their vet is when you ask. They will have their dogs tested for progressive retinal atrophy, a common eye problem in dogs.

Goldendoodles are expensive, but should not cost more than $5,000. The average price for a godendoodle puppy is $2,500. You should not pay all of the money up front until you have the puppy. This is why online dog sales are not recommended because people pay for puppies that never arrive.