How to Care for Your Laying Hens Rollaway Nest Boxes and More

Nest boxes

Did you just start to raise chickens? Whether you’re doing so to provide your family and friends with fresh, wholesome eggs, or because you’re starting a business, you may be interested in rollout next boxes. These nesting boxes are easy to assemble and are the best chicken nesting boxes available.

If you currently have little chicks, they will usually begin to start laying eggs when they’re about 5 to 6 months old. Once they begin to lay their eggs, you may have 200 to 300 a year per chicken.. This does depend on the breed of hen that you have, however.

If you’re planning to raise a yard full of chickens, you may be interested to know that laying hens will need a 12 x 12 inch box when it comes time for them to begin laying eggs. When figuring out how many nest boxes you may need, 4 to 5 hens will feel comfortable laying eggs in a single box.

In order to increase your hens’ comfort, they will need a minimum of 2 inches of shavings or straw in their nesting boxes all of the time. When choosing the right type of bedding, be sure that it is able to absorb the chickens’ manure and the moisture that accompanies it. Remember to change this often so that your chickens always have a nice clean, dry environment to lay their eggs.

Laying hens will usually eat 4 to 6 ounces of feed every day. During the colder months, however, they will tend to consume more. This will decrease again once the weather begins to warm up.

Once your hens begin laying eggs, it’s a good practice to collect them in the morning. Since most hens will finish laying by 10:00 a.m., you can avoid finding broken eggs when you pick them up soon after they’ve been laid. On average, hens will lay an egg every 25 hours. This means that certain hens may lay their eggs later every day, so it’s a good idea to keep checking the nests just in case there’s more.

You may also be aware that most hens will lay eggs regularly for 2 years before production declines. Some hens, however, may continue to lay eggs beyond this time period. It really will depend on each chicken.

When you use rollout next boxes for your chickens, you will be able to see the benefits for yourself. As soon as your hens begin laying eggs in their rollout next boxes, you will know you’ve created a comfortable place for them to be.
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