Keeping Yourself and Your Best Friend Healthy: Human and Dog Health Tips

The best way to keep your pet healthy is to keep yourself healthy. After all, dogs need a lot of exercise to keep their weight in check and their energy up. It makes sense that the same can be said for humans. If you’re not willing to exercise with your dog, odds are that you need to change some of your own habits as well.

Many of the tips humans rely on to maintain their health can also apply to their beloved dog. While we might not eat the same things, making sure to attend our appointments, work out, and socialize are all important parts of staying healthy. It’s important to take care of your health for both your sake and the sake of your dog.

Are you interested in becoming healthier? Are you determined to improve your pet’s life? Here are some of the best ways you can make simple changes in order to keep you and your beloved pet healthier for the long term.

Get outside

One of the best ways to stay healthy is by getting outdoors. Not only is this great for your physical fitness, but it’s also an important factor in boosting your mood and mental health. Humans need that burst of vitamin D to boost their serotonin levels and there’s no beating the benefits of fresh air. In fact, simply getting outside has been shown to promote feelings of relaxation, reduce stress, and make people more mindful.

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But getting outside is also important for your dog. Playing in the backyard will help allow your dog to run around a lot more easily than indoors. On top of that, they’ll also get a healthy dose of stimulation that you simply can’t get indoors. The sights, the smells, and the brief interactions with other dogs and people can help keep your dog’s spirits high. Just be sure to invest in landscaping that’s safe for dogs. Avoid plants that are poisonous for dogs and rely on fences to block out areas that your dog shouldn’t get into. Perhaps most importantly, be sure to have a wide-open space in your backyard to play fetch and other games. Little paths to explore are cool, but you’ll need plenty of room when your dog has a case of the zoomies.

Speaking of keeping your dog safe and active outside, be sure to monitor your garden frequently for any pests. Bees and hornets are commonplace at the end of the summer, though these issues will gradually fade as we move into the fall. However, other pests, like rodents will start to move into your home searching for warmth. Watch out for signs of pests and invest in affordable pest control when you need it. A big rat can injure your dog without a second thought, even if you’re the puppy parent of a larger breed. When it comes to keeping your dog safe, some of the best dog health tips revolve around keeping your home healthy.

Playing in the backyard isn’t enough though; the best dog health tips explain that it’s also important to take your dog for regular walks. Your backyard does a great job of introducing them to the outside world, but your dog is curious and needs to know more. Think of them like toddlers: the more you get them outside, the better. Your dog needs various forms of stimulation, otherwise, destructive behaviors could occur. Bored dogs have been known to tear apart furniture, mark inside the house, and chew on everything they can get their mouth around. Just like humans need dental clinic services, so do dogs. It’s important to keep their minds busy so that they don’t chew everything they come across.

Varying the number of places you take your dog also helps. After all, your dog won’t get a lot of mental stimulation if you’re walking the same route every day. Don’t be afraid to drive to the next town over to explore a new trail or walk by the water. Your dog will love seeing and smelling the new area. Dogs love walks: give them what they want!

Walking your dog is among the best dog health tips you can offer your dog. It’s also great for you since it can help improve your weight and physical mobility as well.

The importance of getting exercise

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We’ve talked about why getting outside and getting active is great for your health, but what happens when you don’t get enough exercise? The more active you are now, the less you will need the help of physical therapists later. Arthritis is an illness that affects both humans and dogs. If you’re not moving your joints and increasing your strength now, you might have trouble with your body later.

Unfortunately, there’s no sure fire way to stop arthritis. In most cases, it’s simply genetic and can’t be stopped. However, there are a few ways to help stop Here are some of the best ways to mitigate the impact of arthritis and joint problems from impacting you — and your pooch:

  • Stay active. While a lazy day is welcome once in a while, you should still be taking short walks around the block with your pet a few times a day. Keeping your body limber will encourage your joints to stay mobile. Exercising is also good for reducing your weight, which can put additional pressure on your joints if you get too heavy.
  • Did you know that high blood pressure can stiffen the tissues around joints? Controlling your blood sugar is good for a number of reasons, but it’s great for your joints, too.
  • Stretch long and stretch often. Stretching helps to improve your range of motion and aids in keeping your body limber.
  • Develop a routine to make all of these efforts possible throughout your week.

Getting exercise can also help reduce your stress and the impacts of stress on your body are numerous. For example, most people lose hair as they grow older because of hormonal fluctuations. In these cases, a corrective procedure to replenish hair loss can help. But if you’re too stressed, you might lose hair as early as your late teens and early 20s. Luckily, these adverse effects can be reversed by finding ways to mitigate your stress, like exercising. But don’t be surprised if these issues happen again when you go through other stressful times, like divorcing your partner. Just like dogs will chew on furniture when they’re stressed, humans can engage in destructive behaviors too. Finding healthy ways to get exercise and reduce stress is a key part of dog health tips and human health tips.

Actually attend those necessary appointments

Getting your dog to the vet is key. These appointments are essential in monitoring your dog’s overall health, including their weight, any developmental issues that could be occurring, and assessing their dental health. Just like people have to invest in general dentistry services, your pet’s vet will give you plenty of tips to keep their mouth healthy. After all, signs of tooth rot could prevent your dog from eating their food or playing games with you. We don’t often think about our dog’s dental health, but it’s an important component in maintaining their overall health.

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However, these appointments are important for you, too. Going to the dentist can help mitigate tartar growth on your teeth which leads to cavities and other oral health issues. Going to the doctor can also enable you to address any bodily concerns you’re experiencing. If you don’t go to the doctor, however, you could be putting yourself at risk for preventable issues. The importance of going to the doctor cannot be understated. Without the help of preventative services, you could be walking to your grave a little faster. If you don’t maintain your own health, how are you going to be expected to maintain your dog’s health.

It’s especially important for you to attend your dog’s check-ups because they have a shorter lifespan. Ignoring even a single small issue could balloon these problems into something much worse without intervention.

It’s especially important to make those appointments as your dog grows older. Certain types of dog are prone to health issues associated with their breed. For example, it’s not uncommon for pugs to develop breathing issues and German shepherds to struggle with hip problems when they get older. Going to the vet can help monitor this progress to ensure their health issues aren’t getting worse. They can also offer the best dog health tips to mitigate their pain. CBD oil for dogs is on the rise, along with other innovative medications. Talk to your vet to see if these options will be good for your pet if you’re looking for more dog health tips.

Maintain your home

Is your home properly maintained?

That question can result in a lot of different answers. For some people, they think their home is maintained so long as all four walls are covered by a roof. For others, they won’t feel good about the state of their home unless every nook and cranny is cleaned. Regardless, there are a few basic components of home maintenance that shouldn’t be shirked when you’re raising a dog.

Make sure your heating and air conditioning is working.

Even though you might be out for the day at work, you need to ensure your pet’s comfort. If you live in a hot climate, investing in air conditioning systems and keeping those on during the day will prevent your dog from overheating. As the north transitions to winter, investing in heating is also essential. Even though your dog likely has fur, they can still get cold. Keep your heating and air conditioning on low when you leave the house to ensure your dog’s safety when you’re not there. Walking home to a comfortable temperature can also help alleviate your own stress after a long day at work.

Does your dog have a safe space?

It doesn’t matter if your dog is afraid of thunder or the threat of other people: all dogs need a safe space. For many, that might be their crate or cage. For others, it’s a cozy spot in the garage. As long as you invest in the proper garage door installations, complete with insulation, there’s no problem with allowing your dog free range of a safe garage. This safe space is key when your dog is feeling stressed or otherwise panicked. Just be sure that this space is accessible, clean, and safe for your pet when they’re stressed out.

Clean up your floors and other low surfaces

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Even if your dog doesn’t typically like to chew on things and get into messes, the temptation of a new object in a reachable space might overtake them. This is especially true if your dog is bored when you’re not at home. If you’re leaving your dog alone, be sure to clean up the floors and low-reaching tables in your home to stop your dog from getting into things that they shouldn’t. Keeping your home clean can also help reduce stress on your end, especially if you hate clutter.

Cover outlets and baby proof where needed

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy or fully-grown: if there’s something that they want to get into, they will. Dogs love chewing on cords, wires, and other items that “stick out.” If your dog is a known nibbler, rely on electrical services and top tips to keep these items away from your dog. Some electrical companies offer protectors, organizers, and more to keep these wires hidden away. This will help deter your dog from getting into accidents.

Dog health tips look different for everyone, but establishing a safe home is universal. When you want to adopt a new dog, rely on these tips to ensure your home is Rover ready.

Dog health tips for the long term

There are countless dog health tips to consider when you and your pooch are trying to improve your health. Rely on these options to get started, but never stop learning. There are always going to be new dog health tips — and human health tips — to consider.